I had the pleasure of tasting the wines from Crus Bourgeois region of Bordeaux! Since the Middle Ages this term has been used because the people here had the best land and were granted the designation. These family owned properties account for 40% of all production in Médoc. This is quite amazing, and the quality of red wines produced here is phenomenal. These red wines produced are also great value, age well, and are absolutely something you will want to taste if you haven’t already.

Did you know there are eight Médoc appellations? For those of you new to this area, it is one of the wine regions in Bordeaux. The eight are: Médoc, Haut-Médoc, Listrac, Moulis, Margaux, Saint-Julien, Pauillac, and Saint-Estèphe.

This recently launched five-year classification ensures consumers a standard of quality in every bottle. You know you’re getting passion, quality, and tradition in these wines, when they bear the Crus Bourgeois name. The tasting I attended via zoom was great, and complete with some amazing panelists including Armelle Cruse, a fourth-generation Co-Owner of Château du Taillan, and Vice President of Crus Bourgeois du Médoc. She led the conversation with some other winegrowers who shared their stories about terroir, wine styles, and how this new classification is a new era for the largest families in Bordeaux Crus.

A wine from each quality level was showcased during this tasting. It was so lovely to be able to taste Cru Bourgeois, Cru Bourgeois Supérieur, and Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel. We tasted with Merete Larsen, the Estate Manager of Château d’Escurac in the Médoc appellation, Charles Lemoine the General Manager of Château Lamothe Bergeron from the Haut-Médoc Appellation, and Vincent Bache- Gabrielsen, Manager of Château Lilian Ladouys from the Saint-Estèphe Appellation.

Château d’Escurac is a gorgeous property in Civrac-Médoc and today, Anne Landureau, his daughter, is continuing her father’s work. The estate has vines 26+ years, and is taken care of by a dedicated team. This wine in particular comes from gravel and clay soils, with 26 year old vines. It’s a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot. The remarkable soil plus the care and craft that the winery team takes, is what makes this wine so charismatic and unique.

The Château Lilian Ladouys was one of my favorite wines of the lineup is truly dedicated to organic agriculture. The Lorenzetto family’s passion shows in the wine, and to be a Cru Bourgeois Exceptionnel, it’s quite an honor. This may be one of the oldest Bordeaux classifications, but it’s making quite a comeback, and sommelier’s like myself as well as other wine professionals are all pretty excited!

The wines of Lilian Ladouys are rich in texture and yet structured and crisp. These wines are ideal for any occasion as long as you’re enjoying wine with other wine lovers. This wine has nice tannins, expressive and well integrated oak, lots of fruit, and long finish. This is thanks to the limestone-clay rich soils which also add a beautiful balance to the wine.

This was a very interesting tasting indeed, and I loved all the wines. It’s great to learn about a region with so much history, passion, and knowledge. The wineries here, like many wineries all over the world take such pride in their land, culture, and traditions and it’s nice to see such great winemaking.

If you’re looking for some unbelievable wines from Bordeaux, I absolutely recommend checking out some of these wines. With the new seasons approaching, these wines are ideal for late summer, into fall, and of course all year long. I tend to love these wines with end of summer fresh grilled vegetables, as well as those “going into fall” flavors. These wines are super pair-able and will spice up any gathering you have in the future!

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly.