Cupcakes are a craze these days right? Everywhere you turn there’s a new cupcake concept or shop popping up. Well, thanks to Crown Maple Syrup I was able to create my own delectable cupcake right in the comfort of my own kitchen.

What’s the best part about making your own sweet and savory cupcakes at home? The pairing portion of course!

First lets discuss Crown Maple, because this is my, and will soon be your, go- to syrup, for all your syrup needs. I use the Light Amber in my cocktails and sauces, the Dark Amber in my marinades, and of course the Medium Amber in my baking and breakfast dishes. These are perfect to have at your brunch table when you want to give your guests some choices.

Onto the cupcake, which I must say I was very proud of. Of course my pastry background may have helped for the most part, but I owe this creation to my stomach for wanting a dessert that was somewhat sweet, yet somewhat savory.

IMG_2072    This Crown Maple Bourbon Pancetta cupcake was absolutely to die for. I am tooting my own horn on this one because not only was the buttercream sweet, savory, and full of Knob Creek Bourbon, but the syrup replaced most of the sugar that I would normally use, so the frosting was creamy, sweet, and packed the perfect alcoholic punch! The base of the cupcake was a basic corn cake and I topped this creation with Candied Pancetta using Crown Maple Sugar! Pop it in the broiler for a few minutes, and you have some amazing candied pancetta.

Courvoisier-Gold    I paired this cupcake with a glass of Gold Courvoisier. No cocktail, nothing mixed in, just simple and delicious Cognac with Moscato Wine Liqueur. Now, if your into wine and want to choose that instead of Cognac, then I would opt for a White Burgundy, Moscato, or something white with some slight oak, toast, and ripe yellow apple aromas and flavors. The cognac complimented my heavy hand of bourbon in the buttercream, and added a sweeter sensation to the corn cake, while completely mellowing out the sugary pancetta. The pairing together was sensational and made my cold winter night much, much, warmer!


Always remember… eat what you like and drink what you love!