img_7573Crown Maple at Madava Farms is a great place to visit while visiting the Hudson Valley for a weekend. Here you can enjoy an artisan lunch, maple tour, and or have your own special event. The facility is gorgeous with a hand painted mural wall, large maple syrup vats, a R&D kitchen, as well as retail store. The farm stretches over many acres, and includes beautiful hiking paths, where you can see the sap lines, a lot of nature, and picturesque views.

“On our tasting tour you’ll trace the miles-long journey our organic maple sap travels in a day from tree to barrel, and go behind the scenes to learn about the environmental variables and artisan practices that make pure maple syrup one of the earth’s sweetest natural resources and how Crown Maple produces our truly exceptional maple products.This popular 60-minute sweet tour culminates in a guided 5 stage tasting in our Tap Holed Maple Tasting Room, which offers a full view into Crown Maple’s hand bottling and sugar making operations.”

Crown Maple produces a line of delectable syrups that can be used in everyday recipes as well as in cocktails. Three of my favorites in their entire collection are the Dark Color and the Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, as well as the Crown Maple Sugar Pearls.

Stay tuned for Crown Maple cocktail, sweet, and savory recipes this fall and winter!