Fall came in with quite a chill this October. It’s time for some hot toddy’s which you will be seeing a lot of this season on Somm In The City! I happen to love the traditional whiskey, lemon, and black tea toddy, but wanted to really mix it up this season.

IMG_1739Using Jameson Irish Whiskey and Ghiradelli Hot Cocoa mix (Double Chocolate of course) to make this tasty toddy it was simple, sweet and delicious!

This toddy will get you tipsy! It may have been the excitement of the warm cocktail, the possible day off I had during the “hurricane” or the fact that it was a Friday, but my oh my… this toddy rocked! The Ghiradelli Cocoa mix is easy to use and mixes well into water, giving it that “toddy” tea feel, while the creaminess of the banana and the Jameson add that playful punch you want in this drink.

Using my True Fabrications Mini Mason Jar Shot Glasses (because this is a fun sweet cocktail) it was the perfect sweet toddy to taste while watching the storm over the East River in NYC. This comforting cocktail pairs well with a warm blanket, great movie and some caramel popcorn!

IMG_1749Cocoa Caramelized Banana Toddy: by Sara Lehman

For the Infusion

2oz Jameson Irish Whiskey (1Tbsp for pan, rest for infusion)

1tsp Sugar

1 Banana

Pinch of Cinnamon

For the Toddy

1 Package Ghiradelli Cocoa Mix (double chocolate I love best)

1.5C Water

4oz Jameson Irish Whiskey


1. In a sauce pan, slice the bananas and caramelize them slightly with a little whiskey, sugar, and cinnamon.

2.Let infuse in remaining whiskey for about 20 minutes. While infusing, start to prepare glassware and cocoa mix. Make sure to use water, as a toddy is made traditionally with tea.

3. Strain banana/whiskey mixture and pour liquid into glass (set banana mixture aside) and top with more Jameson as well as the cocoa “tea”. 

4. Sip and enjoy. Garnish with a caramelized banana or some whip cream for added creaminess.

* Note: I like to save the banana whiskey mixture to top some vanilla or cinnamon ice cream…also makes for great pancake topper for breakfast too!

Please Pair Responsibly…