This past week I was reviewing a ton of Indian restaurants in NYC, which ultimately means… yummy leftovers! I decided to pair some cocktails with these leftovers to make it a fun at home dinner experience.

The delicious leftovers were from Paradise Briyani Pointe at 77 Lexington Avenue, NYC. I took home my Shrimp Biryani, which was packed with spice and flavor, Butter Chicken, and Lamb Sagg! I wanted a cocktail that could combat the spice while not masking any flavor, and here is what I came up with.










IMG_0230Sparkling Cedilla Cocktail:

1 Martini Glass

½ OZ Cedilla Acai Liqueur

1 OZ Kettle One Vodka

TT Guava Juice

TT Blue Agave Sweetner

Splash Polar Pomegranate Sangria (for some added fun bubbles)

  1. Shake the Cedilla, Kettle One, and Guava over ice and pour into a martini glass.
  2. Top with Polar Seltzer Sangria and Enjoy!


IMG_0229What I loved about this one was that the guava and Cedilla really cut through the spice in the food. Cedilla is an acquired taste and awesome in cocktails! The smoothness of this liqueur will have you wanting it as an addition in almost all your cocktails!







At Briyani, I had a Mango Lassi, which inspired me to recreate my own cocktail version of this traditional indian drink.I call it the Improv Mango Lassi! Theirs was incredibly creamy and full of fresh mango flavor, but not a cocktail. The beauty of my improvised version is that it is much lighter, but still just as creamy.

Improv Mango Lassi:

1 Mason Jar

½ Cup Mango Juice          photo-1

1 OZ Malibu Rum

Spalsh of Smoke Liqueur

To make it sparkle, add Polar Seltzer Pina Colada


1. Simply shake over ice, pour, and enjoy!


This cocktail is lighter than the traditional Mango Lassi, but is just as delicious and only for adults! The mango and coconut cut right through the spice, as did the other cocktail, but this one was more fruit forward and so much fun!

Always remember to have fun with your pairings! Cocktails and food can be a world of fun for you and your palate!