IMG_7268Recently the Super Craft Beer Festival was held at Watermark Bar, a stunning 10,000 square foot venue situated at the end of the beautifully proportioned double level Pier 15. Watermark offers incredible panorama views of the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges and Brooklyn skyline; the perfect location to try some superb beers and ciders!

The day of this event was hot and humid, however it’s nothing a cold brew and great view couldn’t fix. A Peach Sour Beer is how I began my day, which was crisp and refreshing with hints of subtle underripe peaches and stone fruit notes. Sour beers may not be everyone’s choice, but on a sweltering hot day with a chance of rain, they really can cool you off.

IMG_7259After I went to the fruit forward cider table where I was pleasantly surprised to find Austin East Pineapple Cider, Harpoon Hibiscus Cider, and Cider Boys Strawberry Magic Cider. The pineapple cider comes in a can, but don’t that fool you. It’s packed with flavors and will knock your socks off if you like pineapple juice with hints of effervescence and a delicious crisp finish! The hibiscus cider is also a must try next time you see Harpoon in your local store. It’s a gorgeous rose color with some sweetness and balanced by attractive acidity and red apple skins.

IMG_7263Alongside the ciders were some other really great beers, lagers, and stouts that you will find at many craft beer bars and stores. One beer in particular will literally have you singing, “Sweet Baby Jesus!”, and that’s not just because it’s the name of this unique brew! The DuClaw Brewing Co. makes a Chocolate Peanut Butter Beer that easily can be sipped for dessert, however after tasting just one sip I knew it’s purpose in life was to be the best beer float ever. You are instantly hit with a cocoa driven nose followed by a playful peanut butter palate, and a smooth finish. It’s not as heavy as one would think, however it’s certainly a bit sweeter. This is why I saved it for last and labeled it for dessert. Then again life’s short, drink dessert first! 

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly.