_DSC9959.NEFChef, (Yes I saw the press preview) a movie that shows a the good, bad, and beautiful side to having a family and being in the restaurant industry . This movie is incredibly heart warming and mouth watering, and will have you craving Cuban Cuisine.  The actors chosen for these roles couldn’t have been more of a perfect fit. Intense emotion, passion, and creativity shine through in every scene in the movie.

Unless you work in the industry, you truly have no idea what can and does go on in the kitchen. Having worked in several kitchens for many years, running the front of the house, as well as beverage programs, this movie really spoke to me.

You see a side to the restaurant industry that tends to get overlooked often, and anyone who works in the industry should absolutely see this movie. 

DSC_1547.NEFJon Favreau, a father and incredible chef shows the struggles of having a family and running a successful kitchen. What is amazing is his transformation in the film and how he overcomes obstacles and finds new passions he never thought he would have.

The film shows the struggles chef’s go through when creating a menu for well known journalists and bloggers. This movie pin points the importance, influence, and dark side to social media.

Being a blogger myself, but also having worked in the industry I express my opinions about restaurants in a positive way. If I don’t like something, I don’t mention it, and that is all. As you can CHEF_09380.NEFsee, every restaurant is different and so is every palate, and one wrong review from an influencer can destroy a chef’s pride, hard work, and menu.

Now, I wont give away any more insight or details, because you hopefully will see the movie tomorrow! Be sure to check out CHEF in theaters May 9th 2014, you will absolutely fall in love!