Le Philosophe, an adorable French restaurant on the lower east side is a spot where you will find one of my favorite Champagnes on the wine list, Charles Heidsieck.

Dining with us was Thierry Roset who took us through the Brut, Rosé, a Vintage 2000, and 1995. These wines were of course exquisite and went perfectly with the meal. Starting off, we chose the Duck Charcuterie to pair with the Charles Heidsieck Rosé, which was an excellent choice. Sparkling wines, especially Champagne goes so well with fattier foods. The pickled vegetables, the Duck Mouse, and Salty Duck Prosciutto, was the perfect way to begin the evening.

The restaurant itself is eclectic yet modern with nice mood lighting and a warm and inviting IMG_5465atmosphere. The 2000 Vintage Champagne was up next and called for the Flatiron Steak with Pomme Frites. This dish went very well with the wines as the 2000 and 1995 both have enough body and structure to stand up to a perfectly cooked piece of red meat. It was a fun and delectable pairing, and one I will absolutely try again at home!

For dessert, because being a former pastry chef, I am always wanting to try desserts, I chose to have the Chamomile Crème and Ginger Crumble with Roasted Strawberries and Meringue. This dessert called for a little more Rosé in my glass to pair with this wonderful third course.

For those of you who want some fantastic Champagne, try Charles Heidsieck. The Brut and Rosé are my top choices for everyday drinking wines and celebratory Champagnes, but if you want to give a great gift go for the Blanc des Millénaires 1995.