Earth Day is this month on April 22nd, and it’s a great excuse to pop some amazing wines and celebrate life. Earth Day was established back in 1970 and has been celebrated annually since. Earth Day is a great way to re-think about what you’re doing to help the earth, in any capacity you can. Give back, plant trees, consume more organic products, and more.

This year I am celebrating with some amazing wines, and attempting to plant and grow some great herbs and sunflowers thanks to some wine brands. This is a fun idea if you’re looking to give your home or apartment a little “earthy energy” while also enjoying some amazing wines.

Veramonte Organic Sauvignon Blanc 2021 From the Casablanca Valley in Chile these wines are 100% organic and amazing. Ideal price point and they’re expressive of the terroir from this region. The sauvignon blanc is refreshing and bright with citrus and green notes. On the palate it’s really delicious and can be paired easily with salads and grilled fish. $11.99.

Veramonte Organic Chardonnay 2020-  Also from Casablanca Valley in Chile this Chardonnay is bright and clean. 100% organic and Veramonte parented with a non-profit organization called Kiss The Ground, which was created to focus efforts on healthy soils. You can really taste the minerality in these wines and the care and craft that goes into them. This chardonnay is a steal at $11.99. 

Veramonte Organic Carmenere 2020–  I always love a good Carmenere especially from Chile! This one is bold and deep, with nice spice and red and black fruit. It’s a gorgeous wine with a lingering finish that will easily pair with some red meat, cheeses, and spring risotto! $11.99. 

Thanks to Spade to Fork, they sent an awesome Organic Home Garden Kit to grow some herbs, which I absolutely love. I use herbs in cocktails, syrups, food, and more and it’s always great to be able to grow in your home! 

2019 Cakebread Cellars Cabernet Franc- Did you know Cakebread Cellars (honestly one of my classic favorite wineries) is sustainable and certified fish friendly. They also take green initiatives in the cellar to keep things that much more sustainable. Cabernet Franc is one of my favorite varietals ever, and I absolutely love the Cakebread one. It’s stunning with lots of berries, spice and tons of red and black fruit. Nice pepper on the nose and long lingering finish make this wine of my favorites for BBQ, grilled meats, and spring short ribs! $60


Petulante Pét Nat This is a super cool Spanish style Pét Nat that is an awesome wine for Earth Day or any day in spring and summer. Dominio de Punctum is an awesome family owned winery where Ruth (winemaker) is passionate about caring for the land. She graduated from Universidad Autónoma of Madrid in Viticulture and Enology, and for this reason, they have been farming organically since 2005 and became biodynamic in 2010! In 2021 they decided to introduce the Pét-nat line: Petulante. Ruth decided to introduce this white as their take on pétillant natural, aka the ancestral method. This was to highlight the winery’s ability to take natural, sparkling wines a step further with an organic and vegan winemaking process, free of any chemicals, pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers on the soil. $22


2017 Sokol Blosser Winery Sparkling Rosé of Pinot Noir- Wow, Just wow! This sparkling rosé from the Dundee Hills AVA of Oregon is a winner for this spring and summer and will win your heart the way it did mine. Three generations of family owned vineyards, the care and craft that goes into these wines is what you will taste along with the Oregon quality driven fruit.

I chose this for Earth Day because they also included a “packet of hope” seed pack to grow some amazing sunflowers in my yard, which I will be planting in my moms yard asap. Lots of jasmine, strawberry and lemon in this wine, makes it super attractive and elegant for any palate. $64

2021 Sokol Blosser Rosé of Pinot Noir This wine is made from only Pinot Noir grapes and is picked earlier to give those beautiful bright flavors, nice acidity, and a delicate rosé style. The red volcanic soils created by Lava that pushed its way into Oregon is why these wines have such expressive qualities and great minerality notes. The soils make the Dundee AVA area so famous and really add nice complexity to their wines.  This one is my go-to seafood wine and is great with crab cakes, grilled fish, vegetables, and summer salads. $26

Always remember eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly and have a very happy Earth Day!