Thinking of what to get Dad this year? Father’s day is right around the corner and if you’re over buying him another shirt or tie, why not get him something a little different on his special day. Is your father the kind of man who likes to come home after a long day at work and enjoy a nice glass of Whisky? Maybe a cigar, to go along for the smooth ride? If yes, then Compass Box Scotch Whisky can be your go-to gift choice this year! Dad can enjoy this gift year round by himself or with friends and since the bottles are beautiful he can display it for show.

What is Compass Box Whisky you may ask…well John Glaser started this company from his kitchen in West London in 2000. He set out to be a wine maker, but because of his career in marketing with Johnnie Walker, he decided instead to create his own company. His unique creation has led him to making excellent Scotch Whisky’s that are approachable to many people and enjoyed around the world. John set out and has succeeded in following his vision to create one of Scotland’s finest and most exciting Whisky companies while re-establishing quality and style.
After sampling some of the Scotch and Whiskys, there is certainly a wonderful selection of choices that would please beginner to well-versed aficionado!

Try some of these for that special gift that will show some thought in choosing Dad’s gift:
Asyla, a blended Scotch Whisky aged in 100% First-Fill American Oak. This one is a great beginner Scotch Whiskey and is sweeter with a delicate fruity palate that goes down nice and smooth.
The Spice Tree, another blended Malt Scotch Whisky, which actually had extended maturation in custom made, heavily toasted, French Oak casks. This rich blend have you noticing some slight vanilla, but also more of a bold spice character with some sweeter notes; absolutely de-lish!
➢ The Peat Monster, a blended Malt Scotch Whisky, made from Islay south shore malt, a peated malt from the Isle of Mull, and a smoky Speyside malt, has been aged in American Oak and noticeably peaty with smoke and fruit. This blend is very complex and has a lot of depth. This one is not necessarily a good beginner Scotch Whiskey.
➢ Hedonism, a blended Grain Scotch Whisky married from two lowland distilleries and has interesting flavors of vanilla, toffee, and some nuttiness like coconut.

Orangerie by Compass Box is a Scotch Whisky Infusion full of fruit and spice and can surely hold its own when served straight up, but for those of you who like more of a cocktail with a distinguished Scotch Whiskey taste, then mix it up with some POM, a little lime juice, and some tonic water which makes a fun, slightly sparkling drink!

Compass Box is a boutique Scotch Whisky maker and craft blender.

All the blends were wonderful and if you are new to scotch and whisky these blends will be sure to please your palate! You can visit the site for more insight on these Scotch Whisky’s and even learn a little more about John Glasser himself, just go to