Image  Cava is a Spanish sparkling wine that is made in the traditional méthode champenoise process. Sparkling wine is so much fun because it pairs well with a lot of interesting foods. Cava, can be either white or rose and comes in a variety of sweetness levels such as Brut Nature, Brut, Seco, Semi-Seco and Dulce.

    This cava in particular is pretty enjoyable. It is simple, dry, and consists mostly of green apple, citrus, and refreshing aromas that follow all the way through the palate with some added yeasty notes. This wine is brilliant and so refreshing! It has a relatively delicate mousse and with only 11.5% alcohol its a great wine to have on a weeknight! The fun thing about pairing food and sparkling wines is that it can go with many different things.

     I decided to pair my Cava with turkey chili because the bubbles cut through the mild spices I added to it, and the flavors all come together when eating this delicious semi-healthy meal! I made it with ground turkey, kidney beans, onions, peppers, and brown rice with tomato sauce…simple and delicious!

     You can try this wine from It is a great price for the quality of this wine! I recommend it to anyone who loves sparkling wine with some nice personality! Next time I buy this, I am totally going to make it into a sorbet! I will post the recipe when I make it! FYI Champagne and sparkling wines make fantastic sorbets! Image