Carpenè Malvolti is one of the oldest and well known wine producers in the Prosecco area of Italy. Located in Conegliano-Valdobiadene this winery was the first to produce Prosecco in 1868 and has remained the only Italian winery for sparkling wine, owned by the same family for 150 years!

I first met the team a few years ago when tasting in New York, and was dying to get out to the region. I am so grateful I happened to plan an Italy trip with my husband and we were able to spend the weekend with the team who welcomed us with such amazing hospitality and excitement. We got to first hand into the vineyards, where the best spots are, the difference in the soils and sunlight exposures and more. It was truly an eye opening experience and highlights so many of the beautiful qualities you will find in their wines.

The founder Antonio Carpenè not only started this incredible winery but his passion for grapes, growing, and constantly perfecting his production led him to forming the first Oenology School in Italy! This is such a famous school and one of the oldest in the world, and also laid the foundations for the development of the entire territory of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene! Today this area is a UNESCO World Heritage sight, and it’s so impressive. I had the pleasure of visiting the school as well, which was such a wonderful sight to see. The students are all very passionate and talented and go on to do great things in wine after graduation.

Did you know, Prosecco was first marketed under the name Champagne Italiano? In fact it was this winery that in 1942 were the first to label it Prosecco aka Prosecco Amabile des Colli di Conegliano. Their focus back then and today still is territory, innovation, and research. They have such incredible history and honestly some of the best Prosecco’s in the market!

They produce an amazing lineup of Prosecco’s from different vineyards, vintages and more as well as some really delicious Brandy and Grappa too. The 1924 Prosecco Superiore DOCG Brut is one of my go-to aperitif wines because its quality driven and aromatic. I love to just stick my nose in the glass and I am instantly transported to the sunny hillside vineyards, with intense aromas of fruit, white flowers, and subtle vegetal notes. On the palate it’s expressive with some nice bitter almond and makes for a great pairing with cheeses, appetizers, and cold seafood.

The 1868 Prosecco Superiore Brut we enjoyed at lunch our first day and wow is this one just perfect! Bright straw in color, brilliant hues, complex and rich with plenty of minerality and fruit forward notes. Lots of apples and citrus on the nose leading to a palate that is fresh and elegant. This one went beautifully with the white asparagus appetizer and even my rabbit! They also produce a Spumante Brut Rosé that is out of this world delicious and one of my favorite Prosecco’s in their lineup. It’s a bright pink color with nice floral aromas and wild berries and very balanced on the palate with nice fruity flavors and an attractive tartness. I love everything about this wine, and it pairs well with everything including steak, seafood, asian cuisine, and lots of pasta!

Another one in the lineup thats also delicious and one I would drink daily or serve by the glass is the 1868 Prosecco Extra Dry. It’s rich and fruity with nice floral notes and some freshly picked fruit. On the palate its round with nice acidity and hints of minerality which make it a great wine with light Mediterranean dishes and seafood. We enjoyed this one for a nice lunch overlooking some amazing vineyards and it paired beautifully with some baked brie on asparagus, as well as my incredible duck ragout pasta! One of the most stunning wines in the portfolio is the 1868 Cartizze which we enjoyed from such incredible vineyards. This wine is rich and complex with nice mineral notes. It’s playful yet layered and really showcases some nice golden apple, grapefruit, and jasmine notes. The palate is creamy and smooth with intense aromas following through. I love this wine with sweeter items like a baked cheese, ice cream sundae, dried fruit and nuts, or some pastries.

Mainly every evening when we went to dinner we would begin with Prosecco and end with Grappa; which in my opinion is the only way to really do it! Their grappa is distilled Prosecco grape pomace and ages six months in steel tanks. Its a gorgeous grappa with fresh floral aromas, nice intensity and has a lot of those “glera” notes you get from this grape varietal. It’s so smooth and can totally be enjoyed on the rocks or neat. The 1868 Grappa Da Prosecco was absolutely delicious and one you must try if you’re into grappa. We also got to taste the barrel aged grappa of Prosecco too, which is very elegant and complex with floral and candied fruit notes. You get this almond like quality in the grappa with some cocoa notes and a really nice dried fruit finish. This one, the 1868 Grappa Da Prosecco Fine Vecchia we enjoyed with some chocolate which was heaven!

You can find Carpenè Malvolti in the USA at many restaurants and some retail locations. If you can visit, I recommend visiting the region and trying to make an appointment to visit the winery, but if you can’t you can easily enjoy them here and trust me, you’ll be transported through the glass! More to come on the food and wine pairings we enjoyed… but until then, ciao!

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Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!