Well, Champagne Week is over, but that doesn’t mean the bubble fun will ever stop! Thanks to Blaine Ashley aka “Champagne Blaine”, industry professionals and consumers who love their bubbles had the opportunity to attend tons of bubble filled events. Blaine, a Champagne Powerhouse is the go to woman for booze filled bubbly events that every time will knock your socks off!

1609934_10152323218021184_4532489120825863547_n     The Fizz Biz Seminar was one of the best ways to kick off the week. Starting off with some Champagne Cocktails, then heading to a private tasting with Master Sommelier Robert Bigelow and Lynette Marreo. Here we were guided through an incredible tasting of Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte and tasted gems like the Blanc de Blanc 2005 and Palmes d’Or. Lynette then took us through a Champagne Cocktail lesson where we learned how to create some delicious bubble filled cocktails and surprisingly the one with Bourbon was my favorite. For a wine so delicate and passionate, I was pleasantly surprised that the dark brown spirit didn’t overpower the champagne, but in fact made it absolutely delightful as a cocktail!


After that lovely seminar, we headed to Vin Sur Vingt Nomad. Greeting thirsty industry professionals and bubble lovers was a $4,500.00 15L of Champagne Drappier; a “newcomer” champagne to the states. It was incredible just seeing people pour champagne out of a bottle that size!





The second night, was the Champagne Cocktail Competition at Evelyn Bar where several of the cities top Mixologists competed with Champagne and spirits. Each having a designated spirit, industry professionals and cocktail lovers received a coin to vote, and came very thirsty. The cocktails were all fabulous, and there was a tie with the winners. Both James Menite and Marlo Gamora won two magnums of Palmes d’Or! Micaela Piccolo however, won the crowd favorite!

1476562_10152320950566184_2097292775802347877_n            For those of you who attended other consumer events, I’m sure you enjoyed a Bubble Filled Flight Night as well as the Bubble Bash! Be sure to check out “Champagne Blaine’s” Champagne Week plans for next year. Like I said she is a Champagne Powerhouse, and is already planning next years Champagne Week events!

A huge thank you to Blaine Ashley, William Grant & Sons, Champagne Drappier, and Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte for one amazing week!