img_8214Adoro Lei is introducing their brunch offerings on September 17th and continuing the next four Saturdays (and hopefully beyond).

This hot spot in the Hudson Square has delicious punch bowls, zeppoli pizza’s, sexy sangria’s, a build your own omelette station, and photo studio! This shift is a whole new menu creation for Adoro Lei, expertly designed by Chef Mario Gentile. Among the many delicious brunch items lies a childhood favorite suitable for adults and weekend “drunk brunch” is the Bam Bam Hearts Pebbles Waffles (yes, it’s topped with Fruity Pebbles). Alongside this brunch favorite is their recent partnership with internationally acclaimed chocolatier, Jacques Torres, where Adoro Lei will also be serving chocolate chip pancakes sprinkled with Jacques Torres Chocolate Chips. 

img_8213I recently brunched here at this delicious spot, where on top of a boozy brunch, we enjoyed an original photo studio in their private room, Heaven Below, for the “I’m in Heaven” photo experience. This was hosted by Nina Tiari, and guests were invited (and still encouraged too before or after brunch) to partake in a personalized photo shoot that was and will be be styled by guest artists and photographers each Saturday.

PIXOTE, a well-known Brazilian graffiti artist now in NYC, will create the backdrop for the “I’m in Heaven” photo series representing the adoration of New York City. A selection of local DJ talent, including DJ Select, DJ Gui, and Lilly Vanilli, will be in attendance throughout each weekend. 

img_8216Brunch becomes the party before the party with bottomless bowls filled with specialty cocktails created by well-known mixologist, Elayne Duff. 

Opened in February 2015, Adoro Lei is buzzing. With a string of celebrity sightings, spectacular reviews, and their upscale take on Italian classics, Adoro Lei is bringing new flavor to a hidden gem of Manhattan neighborhoods. Be sure to bring your best friends and enjoy brunch with a photoshoot on Saturday’s at Adoro Lei; it’s truly a fun time!