SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAfter three long days of drinking wine in Santa Barbara, it was time for more wine of course! Bridlewood Estate Winery is known for producing some spectacular wines, many of which have been on my wine lists for restaurants I was managing at the time. After the conference, an excursion was just what we needed to keep the festivities going and relax. Bridlewood set us up with a gorgeous picnic along their sunny pond, complete with generous portions of sandwiches, fruit, roasted vegetables, and desserts.




Sitting in what was the freshest grass I have ever seen, overlooking a pond with a beautiful willow tree grazing the water, sipping some rosé, and enjoying a fresh prosciutto and cheese baguette sandwich, was just what I needed to complete my California visit.




The estate is stunning, with rolling hills, vines, horses, SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESand a lively tasting room. The beauty of this winery is that people (besides us bloggers) were sitting around with their families enjoying a glass of wine and overlooking the endless vineyards.




SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe tasting room is quite large and spacious with beautiful dark wooden tables, benches, and barrels on each wall. We sat down with a local food panel, which gave us some great insight into the world of organic farming, small business ownership, and staying true to what the earth wants to give you. Sea Urchin over Guacamole, fresh Prosciutto on a baked tortilla, and Peppers over a Melon and Tomato Salsa were selected for us to taste while we discussed their fresh ingredients. It’s amazing to see such humble and dedicated people who truly love what they do. California I noticed is very relaxed, friendly, and inviting. They are down to earth and not “rushed” which was a new feeling for me, as I’m a NYC girl. Even though I grew up in NJ and now live in Manhattan, life here is fast paced, where in California it’s very relaxed and yet everyone works just as hard.


   For those of you visiting California, plan to soon, or want to make future plans, I suggest visiting Bridlewood Estate Winery. This is one winery you will not want to miss!