It is officially “Yes Way Rosé” season as well as wedding season! Even though weddings happen year round (just like rosé sipping) I find spring and summer are popular times for parties, rosé, and celebrating. Now, this type of article is new for me, however this year I am also a Maid of Honor for my twin sisters wedding, and it’s my first time in this type of position!

From bridesmaid coordination to bachelorette party planning, and so much more, I have been filled with emotions and ideas on just what a “Somm” should do when it comes to helping my bride get ready for the big day. One thing my sister did ask for was for me to pick out her wedding wines, wines that will be served during the reception, and of course, wines for her bridal shower that she could start her own at home cellar with. This is on top of all of the other MOH duties I have, and I must say, the wine part is my favorite!

When it comes to pleasing everyone’s palates including the bridesmaids and the bride, I have learned that flexibility, flavor, and color are everything. Not only do you have to pick a dress that coordinates well with all the bridesmaids, but the color is everything. It’s typical for the bride to give something to the bridal party on the wedding day as well, while we are all getting ready. I certainly think some rosé pairings are in order, and pleasing everyone’s palate while keeping to a budget can be difficult, but do-able. Thanks to the Wines of Provence, you will find a great rosé to pair with your bridesmaid dresses. Whether they’re the color of the wine you choose, or just simply pair well with the dress style, here are some fun things to keep in mind.  From delicate hues of blush to deep and fiery coral, the Wines of Provence span the whole pink color palette. Here they have provided some great color palate ideas for dresses that are paired with some amazing rosés and great women! 

Peach – Like the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence Château Barbebelle Héritage and the ethereal and romantic palette chosen by the actress Kirsten Dunst.

Melon – A dynamic nuance like the Coteaux Varois en Provence Domaine des Annibals Suivez-Moi Jeune Homme, the same chosen by the Social Media phenomenon Emily Ratajkowski.

Mango – A lively color like the Côtes de Provence La Londe Château les Valentines Le Caprice de Clémentine and the personality of the supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio.

Pomelo  – A vivacious hue like the Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire Château des Ferrages Mon Plaisir and Katherine Heigl’s dress in the romantic comedy “27 Dresses”.


I decided to choose some of my top wines to pair with the dresses that match the colors seen above. After tasting a bunch of rosés for you (I know, such a hard job), I have narrowed it down to four faves to gift to your girls before the big wedding day!

1. 2018 Chateau de Berne, Inspiration, Côtes de Provence Elegant and stylish with a nose of robust strawberry, rose petal, and fresh red berries. This wine is bright and crisp with attractive fruit flavors and some herbal notes. This one is perfect for a bridal party who enjoys elegance as well as complexity. ~ $25

2. 2015 Domaine Sainte-Marie, VieVité Extraordinaire, Côtes de Provence- Another elegant rosé with fresh fruit and floral notes. It’s a delicate rosé that pairs beautifully with warm sunny days and the peach and pomelo colored dresses above. This wine is perfect for the bridal party that drinks rosé all day and all summer long! ~ $22

3. 2018 FAMILLE QUIOT Domaine Houchart Sainte Victoire, Côtes de Provence Sainte-Victoire A crisp and dry rosé that is darker in color than many you see around. This wine also has bright flavors, the intensity of ripe berry fruits, and a general sense of savory abundance. The wine is made for food so be sure to bring some snacks to the bridal suite, while you and the girls enjoy getting ready! ~ $14

4.  2018 Château de Saint Martin, Eternelle Favorite Cru Classé, Côtes de Provence  This Provence Cru Classé estate has produced a refreshingly fruity wine. With its red-currant and citrus flavors and tight mineral acidity, it is textured and really crisp. Overall between the gorgeous label, delicious juice, and unique but flattering bottle shape, this wine will win the hearts of any bridal party!  ~ $24

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love! Please pair responsibly!