Recently Sea Tuck Fish Company had some interesting things in their collection and I totally took advantage! I picked up some Blowfish Tail at the Sunday Farmers Market and made a very fun pairing.

IMG_1693At first I was a little scared, because its blowfish after all, but they nicely reassured me that I would not die from eating it. I wanted to make it simple, since I had never tasted blowfish before and really wanted to get the full flavor. All you have to do is lightly flour the tails (I used Wondra Flour) and shallow fry them in olive oil. Once cooked, which took about 3-4 minutes on each side, I patted them dry, drizzled them with some lemon juice, a pinch of salt and pepper, and enjoyed! They kind of taste like chicken and are a fun fish snack that I now love. The bone is in the center, so it’s absolutely appropriate to use your fingers when eating this delightful dish.

Paired with this, was a lovely Finger Lakes Sparkling Wine from Lakewood Vineyards. I first discovered Lakewood at the Harvest In The Square event this year and fell in love with their Rieslings. This 20th Anniversary Brut is crisp, dry, and gorgeous! The bottle is sealed with a beer bottle top, which I found amusing and intriguing. The wine it’s self was gorgeous! Full of citrus, yellow apple, some slight brioche, and was the soul mate to the blowfish tails! Be sure to check out Lakewood Vineyards for some deliciously dry Rieslings, review worthy reds, and beautiful bubbly!


Always remember… eat what you like, and drink what you love!