The Greenwich Wine & Food Festival was a success yet again! Between the amazing restaurants, wine brands and celebrity chefs that attended it was a delightful day. Some of the highlights were:

1. Meeting one of my favorite celebrity chef’s Geoffrey Zakarian!

2. Stella Artois Cider & Cheese Pairings!

3. Grand tasting tent with Connecticut’s top restaurants sampling their favorite and unique dishes such as: Duck Egg Rolls, Sweet Potato Pecan Mash, and Cuban Sandwiches!

IMG_16264. Izzy Pop CO2 fizzing cocktails and wine: great for a party and outdoor event like this!

5. Little Big Town put on a Concert to end the day with this incredibly popular music group. They won the crowd as they always do whenever they play live!

6. Altaneve Prosecco: One of the top Prosecco’s out there and the perfect pairing for a sunny day in Greenwich Connecticut!


IMG_1629The Burger Battle as well as Tacos & Tequila took over the afternoon. For those that haven’t been to the GWFF you need to go! There are tons of events going on while the grand tasting tent is in session and it is a day full of food, booze, and a whole lot of fun! Tickets are a steal considering all that is offered and every year it is just a little bit different and always a blast.