Ms. Bradshaw Herself!


Recently I went to a blogging event hosted by Kitty Bradshaw, a well-known blogger who was celebrating her five-year blogging anniversary. Many companies sponsored this event and us bloggers left with a ton of goodies! Kitty Bradshaw is one of a kind when it comes to the blogging world, and is a delight to mingle with. I first met her at the Knob Creek event where we enjoyed some Bourbon cocktails and waterfront views. She is a California Native, living here in NYC and taking it by storm!


UnknownOne of my favorites was the Barefoot Bubbly & Wine table. I am a huge fan of Barefoot Bubbly & Wine, especially the Pink Moscato Bubbly . It pairs very well with a number of food items and is absolutely delicious on it’s own. Besides the fact that it is Pink Moscato, which we all know how much I love anything and everything pink, it paired nicely with the selection of food that was offered. Also served was the Moscato Spumante Bubbly, this one is just as delicious, and oh so refreshing on a hot summer day, as most Barefoot wines are!


Cabot Cheese also sponsored the event and provided a generous selection of their delicious cheeses. The sharp cheddar happens to be my favorite, but as an avid cheese lover, I happen to love all the selections provided by the company. Cabot as many of you may know is great for people who are lactose intolerant! My sister, who has this allergy adores Cabot Cheese and can eat her fill on a daily basis. I always have Cabot out at a wine tasting because then she, among many other lactose intolerant clients can participate and don’t have to feel like they missed out on a great wine and cheese night!


Cabbot Cheeses!

Be sure to check out both of these companies and you too can make your own Barefoot Bubbly and Cabot Cheese pairing!