I always love when winemakers come to NYC for a visit! Having lunch, a meetup, or a dinner with the winery team is exciting because New York is a great market for many of them, and it get me out and about “traveling” to different wine producing areas in my glass.

Jon Priest is Etude Wineries Chief Winemaker, and we celebrated their 40th anniversary together at Wild Ink in Hudson Yards. It was an intimate dinner which is always appreciated since you really get to know the winemakers, their history, and what brought them into the business. It was a wonderful time and great to see how the wines paired well with Asian Fusion cuisine. Etude is sustainable and believes in using these practices to make a better product as well as help take care of the environment. They use holistic farming practices and are really thinking about generations to come when it comes to their growing and winemaking processes. This is important for us, our health, as well as for everyone and it’s great to see wineries taking initiative like this.

We began with the 2020 Etude Pinot Gris from the Carneros Appellation in California. This area is great for grape growing and these are certifiable Alsatian clones from well drained, loamy soils. This cooler area creates memorable flavors and this Pinot Gris won my heart, I must say. It was especially delicious with the Chicken Wings which had a touch of spice to them and the creamy stone fruit in the wine really was a nice pairing.

we also enjoyed the 2020 Etude Chardonnay which I must say I also enjoyed. This wine comes from Grace Benoist Ranch in Carneros and is a blend of the best blocks. I don’t always enjoy Chardonnay, unless its white Burgundy, however this one won my heart. It paired really nicely with the Asian fusion menu selection, especially the fried chicken!

After the Pekin Duck came out and we of course had to pair it with one of my favorite wines from the Etude portfolio, the 2019 Pinot Noir from the Grace Benoist Ranch in Carneros! This area is on the coast ranges of California and surrounded by interesting nature. This wine is smooth, bold, and berry forward with delicious spice and a lingering long finish. This wine goes so well with summer bbq foods as well as grilled fish, and of course the Pekin Duck we enjoyed during dinner. This Estate Grown wine is one not to miss, and makes a great weeknight wine with every meal.

We compared the Pinot Noir to another Pinot from the same ranch, except this was the 2019 Heirloom Pinot Noir. This wine is a bit more expressive as well as concentrated, with a touch more power. It has an alluring complexity to it, and a lengthy fruity finish complimented by subtle spice. This wine complimented the grilled steak very well, but would also be beautiful with vegetarian dishes, grilled vegetables and so much more! I’d also love to go as far and say this would be a perfect wine with some tacos, as it has a lot of flavor and complexity to stand up to bold fresh ingredients.

If you’re seeking some fantastic wines from Carneros, ones that are deliciously special for any occasion, then you must try Etude. Many of you have most likely had their wines already, they’re a big well-known winery, but if you haven’t you will absolutely fall for them as I do every time I taste their wines.

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!