What is Albariño? This white wine from Galicia, Spain is bright, fruit-forward, and extremely versatile with a variety of foods! It’s honestly one of my favorite white wine options, especially for summer barbecues. It’s certainly great for warm summer days, however, don’t just drink these wines in the summer, because this grape can easily get you through the holidays with some winning pairing options!

Albariño is grown in Rías Baixas, which is the D.O. in Spain it belongs to. Most white wines about 90% of white wines come from this area of Spain. I had the pleasure of visiting a few years ago and its one stunning region! The region is green and lush, with Spanish charm. Albariño ranges in styles but predominantly share a few common characteristics, including being bone dry, express stone fruit and melon aromas, and offer plenty of acidity. The acid in these wines is what I think I like about them most, along with their versatility.

I had the pleasure recently of tasting three great wines that I think you would love to end of summer and early fall! My first pick is the Paco and Lola which is pale straw in color and full of nice citrus notes. Most of you I am sure will buy just because the label is fabulous, however luckily for us, the juice is as well. You may notice some sweeter tropical notes on the nose of this wine, followed by an intense and fresh finish.


Another favorite was the Bodegas Altos de Torona. This wine expresses more green apple and stone fruits, compared to the Paco and Lola. You will also notice an attractive toastiness on the nose followed by a mineral-driven, lush finish. Overall this wine is ideal with food, and especially pork, seafood, and creamy but light dishes.

Lastly is the La Val, which is one I enjoy all the time. I have tasted many different vintages of La Val wines, and each Albariño tastes wonderful year after year. This wine is crisp and fresh with a nice pale straw color. It’s full of citrus, yellow apple, and minerality from the sandy, clay soil.

One thing I really love about these wines is that they are very price approachable and run about $12-25/bottle. Many Albariño’s are available across the US and range in styles from dry to fruity and offer a lot of quality for unbeatable prices. If you’re looking for a new white wine to try, I absolutely recommend adding this grape varietal into your repertoire and wine cellar!

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!