I recently tried some fun sparkling wines you will want to be sipping this season! Café de Paris allows you to transport yourself to a Parisian cafe, or bar. These refreshing wines offer elegance and palate satisfaction without being too complicated. They offer Brut and a Rosé both which are delicious and ideal for brunch and lunch sipping. If you’re having a happy hour at home, or some friends over for a night in, these are a great aperitif to have available with some seafood, appetizers, or even French butter cookies!

The brut is clear, with citrus and minerality. On the palate it’s refreshing and bright with a lot to offer, and a nice finish. This wine is great on it’s own but also served as a cocktail too. I loved making this into a French 75 cocktail with some gin and lemon juice, but you can also “fall it up” a bit and make an apple cider mimosa or something along those line too.

The rosé I really enjoyed on its own, it’s so balanced and aromatic. Overall I don’t have a favorite because it really depends what I am eating, but if I had to choose, I would always say this Somm loves her rosé and it would certainly be a top contender.

“Since 1967, Café de Paris owns a unique and authentic savoir-faire. Elaborated in Cubzac-Les-Ponts in the Bordeaux region, the wines are sold worldwide.”-Cafedeparis.fr 

The wines come from grape varieties that are carefully chosen and blended by the chief winemaker. They do a natural fermentation process, which gives the wine the elegance and roundness and that fun unforgettable taste!

If you’re seeking some really fun wines to have around whenever you want to pop some bubbly, I absolutely recommend these wines. They range from $12.99-13.99 and are ideal for every occasion whether its celebratory or a normal day, there’s always time for some great wines.

Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly.