Nothings better than opening up a new bottle of wine, especially one you’ve never tried. Expectations are usually good if you know and like the winery, but when you taste it, and its even better than you thought it would be… man, that is just satisfaction in a glass!

That’s pretty much how I felt about this bottle of Riunite Bianco. I know and love Riunite for their approachable food friendly wines that really get the palate going in a fun and exciting way, which is why I was excited for the Bianco. At such great prices too, you can not go wrong with Riunite, especially this one, which is bright, fruit forward, with just enough residual sugar to have your palate asking for another sip.  You will notice plenty of ripe apple and pear on the nose, along with some bright tropical aromas that follow through to a sweeter, more fruit forward palate leaving you with a sweetness that lingers to a lovely finish.

Paired with this fun white was Seared Lemon Pepper Tuna Steak, over Sauteed Ginger Asparagus and Brown Rice. With summer coming, everyone tries to stay a little healthier, but it doesn’t mean we need to skimp on flavor or the meals we prepare. This dish is so simple and the sweetness in the Bianco counteracted the spice in the pepper crust on the tuna beautifully while wonderful aromas and flavors whirled around on my palate; it was a very good pairing.

Try Riunite, you will not be disappointed and since they are such food friendly wines you can make weeknight meals simple yet sophisticated. All in all this recipe took me twenty minutes to make from prep to plating; yes it is really that simple!

Have a great Wine Wednesday everyone!