image(11) The weathers been a little unpredictable lately between the gorgeous days you never want to end, the “chance of showers” days that turn into thunderstorms and make you wish you didn’t have to get out of bed and go to work, and then there are those scorching hot days like this past week that make you very thankful for air conditioning (if you have of course). When the weather starts getting hot, there’s nothing like cooling down with some refreshing white wines and seafood! At local farmers markets and specialty grocery stores, you can find the best ingredients to make a wonderful weeknight or weekend meal.

While visiting with my dad we decided to make some mussels and shrimp to go with the gorgeous weather.  Since my shellfish allergy magically cleared up almost a year ago, I have been on a mission to eat everything and anything shellfish to make up for lots of lost time. The mussels were steamed in a spicy Tikka paste with lemon zest and cilantro, the shrimp was sauteed in a hot pepper scampi sauce, and the rice was cooked in a lemon zest and ginger broth. My dad is a wine collector and an incredible cook so when I get to see him it’s always a night of great food and great wine. image(12)

The first wine we had was a 2010 Domaine Du Mont Viré- Clesse and was crisp, ripe, and showed some minerality. The nose had aromas of apple, some tingly lemon zest, and pear with hints of Burgundies lovely earthiness. The palate was refreshing with concentrated lemon and apple following through from the nose, and a nice lengthy finish that complimented the spice from the mussels so well. It’s really hard not to love fresh seafood with a nice crisp Burgundy and it’s funny because if I had not known what this wine was or hadn’t seen the bottle, I may have thought I was drinking Chablis.  image(13)

Next we went to California and opened a 2012 Big Ranch Pinot Grigio from Carneros. My first thought was hmmm… can it hold it’s own as much as the Burgundy did with the meal? As we poured it into the glass and I got a whiff of the bright fruit forward aromas, I knew I would be sold in a sip; and I was. Now, for many that know me, I like Pinot Grigio, but it is never my go-to white of choice because many that I have tried have not impacted my palate the way this wine did. This pale straw colored wine was gorgeous, fruit forward, crisp, vibrant, and does not smack you with acidity and leave you hanging like a lot of Pinot Grigio’s I’ve tried have. It’s very light, smooth, and left us with a nice finish that complimented the hot pepper scampi shrimp with the rice. The flavors in the wine with the subtle lemon and ginger in the rice really rounded out the acidity in the wine and overall the entire meal was very enjoyable. image(14)

You can find many of these wines in your local wine shops or online where you can score great deals and very good wines. Why not order a case… summers coming and you will want to enjoy a nice crisp white in this weather! Have a safe and happy Wine Wednesday!