Fall is finally here. I know it’s already the second week of October but we had some hot weather so I could not let go of my summer wines before moving to these. Believe it or not and I am so ready; really just ready for the fall flavors, crisp weather, and un-alive flying insects. I am not ready for a new year just yet, but I am exciting for sweater weather and all that goes along with it, including more red wines! I like to say I am not a seasonal drinker but the truth is… I kind of am. I do however love reds in summer, and even with the heat lasting most likely through early October here are my top eight wines to transition you from summer to fall!

Art of Earth Cabernet Sauvignon 2021– I love the Art of Earth wines they’re so approachable and delicious! Made with organic grapes from Argentina, this wine is spicy, cherry forward, and has a nice long finish. It’s a high quality wine from Mendoza with vineyards surrounded by culture and tradition. This is my go-to cheese board wine but it’s also a great wine for burgers, tacos, and gooey brownies! $12.99

Kara-Tara Pinot Noir 2021: I haven’t mentioned a wine from the cooler climate in the Western Cape in a while so I decided to bring one back to the mix. This was such a gem! It’s a wine made from later-ripening grape varietals including Pinot Noir and shows amazing elegance and fruit. The wine has great aromas with red ripe fruit, red cherries, and crushed strawberry. This wine was also recently featured on My Southern Home TV appearance where I described how it would be ideal for fall to please the crowd but also offer something new with a familiar grape varietal.  The palate is medium bodied with smooth tannins, nice structure and an easygoing finish. $21.99 

Domaines Comtesse de Malet Roquefort Bordeaux Rouge 2020: Cultivated on the Right Bank of the family’s vineyard where the soil is made up of clay and silica. I love a good Bordeaux and this really hits the spot! This wine is silky and fresh with a combination of juicy red fruits and lingering flavors that are so smooth and delicious. Made up of mostly of Merlot which gives the wine deep color, flavors, and also gives a ripeness with crispy acidity. This rouge is a modern wine with generosity and is also an incredible value. $15.99

Possessioni Rosso 2020: A beautiful blended combination of three grapes, made up of Corvina, Molinara, and Sangiovese. With its lively, ruby shade, this Rosso carries typical cherry aromas, with a slight hint of licorice. Well-structured with a great acidity and intense aromas of ripe cherries and some underlying spice. Its fruit makes it such an attractive wine along with its pair-ability. Topped with long hints of oak to finish it off, this wine is a great option for all your fall and Thanksgiving dining. $22.99

Umani Ronchi Podere 2021:: An absolute favorite of mine! This berry forward, easy-drinking red, with candied berries, dried herbs and wood smoke notes is just a ton of fun to pair with your favorite fall cheese ands charcuterie boards! You can easily pair this with other fall items like a roasted chicken, steak and parmesan potatoes, or even carnitas due to its  bright acidity and light tannins. Located predominantly in the provinces of Chieti and Teramo, this wine is a combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and some indigenous grapes from the area. $13.99

Áster 2019 from La Rioja Alta: An intense Spanish selection with a dark red color and beautiful core. Forest floor, black fruit, spice and pepper add complexity, texture, and allure to this wine. It has a beautifully balanced mouthfeel with nice smooth tannins. It’s well rounded with a great finish and would be ideal all season long through winter because of its spice notes and undeniable smooth, seductive fruit flavors. This is a great wine with short ribs, pumpkin risotto, and so much more… including a fall seared duck breast. $25.99

2017 Herminia Rioja Reserva: A Tempranillo from Spain that is just out of this world silky, smooth, delicious, and just a bit spicy. The labels got me originally because I love a good wine label however the juice is whats important and this did not disappoint. This wine connected with me as it honors the non-conformist, the women who question, dare to be different, and forge their own paths. This wine honors the namesake of the winery Viña Herminia who labored tirelessly for women and children in her community. This wine is beautiful and bright with oak and berries, and lingering finish. It’s creamy, toasty and will be so good with all your fall spices and dishes. It’s a wine for everyone, every woman, and should be enjoyed all fall long! $16.99

2018 Herminia Rioja Crianza: I always love a good crianza and this one is awesome! Nuttiness, rich red fruit, aged in oak for 12 months then bottle aged for another 6 months. This wine is fruity but shows depth, complexity, and history. This wine is incredibly well balanced full of vanilla, richness and complexity, just like Herminia who inspired this amazing and iconic winery. $16.99



Stay tuned for more fall inspiration, and always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!