Ever since I spent the summer in Germany tasting wine, Ive discovered a new love for aged German Rieslings. I am absolutely in love with these Rieslings because of the dark straw color, the honey and petrol notes, and the lingering finish on the palate, especially with this particular Riesling. I was down in the cellar thinking about my summer abroad and spotted this 1998 Dr. Burklin- Wolf and knew that I had to have it!

What is so fantastic about this particular Riesling besides the age, is the aroma of honey and apricots with a hint of petrol. I love the petrol notes because it adds that pronounced flavor to the wine that I love, yet does not hide the fruit notes. With this particular wine, the petrol flavor was more robust on the palate than on the nose which was very appealing because the nose was simply honey and fruit forward, with just that little hint of age. On the palate, it was sweet, medium bodied, flavors of petrol, honey, and apricots, with a slight hint of caramel followed by a long finish. I paired it with a plum Tarte Tatin, which may have also influenced some of the caramel flavors I was tasting in the wine.

I recommend this wine to anyone who loves the petrol notes in Riesling, some may say it is a fault in the wine, but to me it happens to be one of my favorite flavors.