Sun, Surf, and Wine!

zb_samples-4203Italy has quite the surfing culture, did you know? When I heard the story behind this Italian wine I was amazed and intrigued that these wines are inspired by the surf culture in Italy.

Filmmaker Jason Baffa has traveled the globe with his friends and a film-camera. He creates films about his love for surfing and has made: “Singlefin: yellow,” “One California Day” and the newly released and award winning, “Bella Vita,” embrace the inspired life of the care-free surfing sub-culture.

zb_samples-4196During the first days of filmmaking in Italy with surfer-environmentalist, Chris Del Moro and winemaker, Piergiorgio Castellani, the name ZIOBAFFA was born. While they were working on “Bella Vita,” Baffa’s passion for good food and great wine became the basis for this late-night practical joke, which inspired the local crew of surfers to nick-name him, Zio Baffa (Uncle Baffa).

ZIOBAFFA is an organic wine with a lot of offer. Handmade by artisans, quality driven, and inspired by food, fun, and surfing. I must say, the Pinot Grigio is very good, with bright candied lemon notes, fresh apple, a little white blossom, and is beautifully well balanced. The acidity is present but not striking, making this one pinot grigio I very much enjoyed. 


Besides the beautiful wines, ZIOBAFFA also focuses on sustainable, zero-waste production and environmentally friendly bottling. This includes recycled materials and the revolutionary Helix® re-useable cork closure.

“These wines are a modern take on an old-world-tradition”.