Caorunn Gin

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June 10th is the world celebration of all things gin! On this day, if you’re seeking to break away from your normal gin routine, and want to try something different, try Caorunn. This is from Scotland and is crafted in the Speyside region of the Highlands. It’s very different, smooth, and excellent on it’s own over a larger ice cube, however when mixed into some craft cocktails, it’s also delightful. 

Caorunn is the number four super-premium gin in the UK (per Nielsen 2017) and is produced at the Balmenach distillery located in the heart of the Cairngorm National Park. This distillery is 150 miles north of Edinburgh. Gin Master, Simon Buley slowly distills in small batches using the world’s only working Copper Berry Chamberwith a combination of traditional gin botanicals (juniper berries, orange peel, lemon peel, angelica root and cassia bark), and five locally foraged Celtic botanicals. All of this is sourced within walking distance of the distillery, which creates the unique aromatic and taste profile of Caorunn.

Some of the the locally foraged botanicals include:

  • Caorunn Gin

    Caorunn + Blackberries + Simple Syrup!

    The Rowan Berry (Gaelic: Caorunn), which thrives on hills and rocky, peaty soil and adds notes of bitterness

  • Dandelion: Contributes herbal notes with a hint of sharpness
  • Coul Blush Apple: A dessert apple unique to northern Scotland, which brings a crisp acidity and a clean, sweet taste
  • Bog Myrtle (Sweet Gale): Infuses a soft, sweet aroma and notes of spice
  • Scottish Heather: An integral botanical of the Highland landscape that allows subtle perfumed undertones with a nuance of honey

So what is Scottish gin comparable to? I’d compare it stylistically to a modern London Dry Gin with a uniqueness thats is simply, Caorunn. Simon describes it as “a dry and crisp, aromatic taste with a fruity, floral touch and a long dry finish.” I couldn’t agree more! This gin is dry, light, fresh and fun and is perfect for all your spring and summer cocktails. 

Looking for some cocktail inspiration? Check out Caorunn cocktails HERE.

Happy World Gin Day! Please pair responsibly!