MoutaiBaijiu… what in the world is that? Well, I’m here to demystify the world of this ancient Chinese spirit for you. Baijiu is the National Spirit of China and is a ritual in all aspects of Chinese life. “It is a part of being Chinese”.

Recently I was able to meet with the importers for this spirit who gave me some great insight to this one of a kind beverage. Did you know Baijiu is a $23 Billion Dollar Business? I didn’t know either! In fact, it is however and outsells many other spirits not only in china, but in the world.

Baijiu is made through a process of Mixing, Fermenting, Steaming, Distillation, and The Final Result. This spirit is made from grains like Sorghum, Wheat, Sticky Rice, and Corn, which are all raw materials. With excellent climate and abundant resources, its no wonder that Biajiu is this growing category in the spirits world!


Appearance: Crystal Clear LZLJ_Zisha

Aromas: Rich and Complex, depending on the particular baujiu, you can smell banana, grass, mushrooms, and or fruit.

Palate: Complex with deep flavors carried from the nose. This spirit is smooth, elegant, and exciting to drink with food.