While in Aruba recently, I had the fortune of meeting up with Clive Faustin again, as I do annually since he is a Wine Artist, and I a Sommelier. Clive was hosting a Wine and Food Pairing Seminar at ATIA, the Aruba Trade and Industry Association. Here I met so many wonderful individuals who also enjoy wine as much as I do!

We started off with Laurent Perrier Champagne because bubbly is always a must. This wine is dry, crisp, with delicate bubbles that pair beautifully with some grapes and an array of colorful and flavorful cheeses. I was surprised to see a plate of such colorful cheeses, all of which has intense and delicious flavors. The pesto and roasted red pepper were my absolute favorite, especially with the 2007 Don Melchor Concha Y Toro. The red pepper cheese brought out some interesting fresh berry notes, while the pesto complimented the earthy and spice notes in the wine. Also paired with this was a pate, which was out of this world yum!



The cheeses, meats, and almost everything you find in Aruba is so fresh it amazes me. I live in a city where you can have anything you want at your fingertips, yet when I go to Aruba I feel as if they have it all; food wise that is.





Also tasted were a 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Concha Y Toro, a 2004 Chateau St Jean from Sonoma, as well as one of my other favorite wines of the evening, a Sauvignon Blanc Late Harvest. This late harvest by Concha Y Toro is stunning, fresh, and vibrant. Brilliant honeysuckle, candied apple and lemon, as well as stone fruit notes fill the glass and smoothly coat your palate leaving you with a feeling of pure bliss. This is perfect to sip outside with some fresh fruit, chocolate, and some good company!






Be sure to check out some stunning Chilean wines from Concha Y Toro, as there vintages truly impressed me and I can’t wait to try more!