The W Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan recently launched a new innovative food initiative where food is being re-designed! Combining culinary art, and aesthetical design concepts is just one of the many things you will find at this unique and gorgeous hotel.

Led by W Taipei’s 5 Star Celebrity Executive Chef Colin Chun, nine Taiwanese designers will put away innovative design proposals and exchange them for utensils, space, and dining style, of W Taipei’sThe Kitchen Table,’ which will turn the restaurant into a totally theatrical space for guests. The team will use “Light and Healthy Food” as the theme.

W Taipei Eatable Light Bulb - 2014 Food redesign

Edible Light Bulbs will be made of Jello and Mozzarella Cheese. Sounds unique, somewhat delicious, and a little like, “um… what”, right? Well, these creations are absolutely stunning. Chef Chun and the nine designers will unveil their final project this November.

As if this hotel would stop at food re-design though right? 

The W Taipei is also launching some beautiful Autumn inspired treats which will wow you both in flavor and design. Mooncakes, also known as Castella will be the stars of this food initiative.

W Taipei Sweetologist Ponytail has designed “HONEY, Fly Me to the Moon Cakes” with two image002-9different Castella Honey Cakes in a purple and shimmering gift set inspired by the intricate and stunning ball room at W Taipei.

The two new flavors are:

 Kumquat in Orange Honey Cake – lighter in color. The acidity of the famous preserved kumquat from Yilan county provides the touch of saltiness to balance off the floral honey from the orange blossom in east of Taiwan

Chocolate in Dragon Eye Honey Cake –  is darker in color and stronger in taste too. The bitterness of the cacao is well balanced by the aromatic and pleasing flavors of the dragon eye honey from Thailand.

Both cakes have dark brown top and bottom on sides which provide a beautiful contrast to the delicate and creamy, moist and bouncy sponge cake in the middle.

The Mooncakes Gift Box was designed and produced by award image003-7winning designer Ms. Wanting Liao, who was inspired by the Mega Room at W Taipei. The plastic structure outside of the paper box can be reused into a coaster, penholder or anything else you could create. The sturdy bags are great for those of you who like to reuse things for grocery shopping, a picnic, or anything else you could creatively imagine!

What will the W Taipei think of next?