I decided to take some vacation time and visit somewhere I have never been but promised myself I would experience; Las Vegas! It’s a city where, like in New York, you will find almost anything and can have anything you want. I wanted to explore the strip and had quite a few places in mind, but since Las Vegas is so completely packed with stuff to do, I decided to research the best way to “eat the strip”.

I stumbled upon Taste Buzz Food Tours, which is a great food tour company that takes a group on a 3-hour tour of the Las Vegas Strip, Trendy Dining, and also Downtown Vegas. It’s a ton of fun, especially with Nesha who was our tour guide. She has a background in Baking and Pastry and knows the food scene well in Vegas. She’s funny and engaging (I may be a little biased because she was my guide) and if you book a private tour for a larger group, you can request her; you will not be disappointed!

Our first stop was at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, which is stunning. It has the worlds largest chandelier, which is three stories, with a different bar on each floor. On top of that, there are also a number of fun eateries, clubs, and casino offerings too, which include the three we got to try on the food tour. Our first stop was Eggslut where we enjoyed the Slut, which is cage-free coddled egg on top of a smooth potato purée, poached in a glass jar, topped with gray salt and chives, served with slices of baguette. It was delicious and if you take the food tour you won’t have to wait in the line that wraps around the restaurant. Our second stop in here was The Juice Standard which is a delightful juice place that makes it’s own Cold Pressed Juices, Nut Milk’s, and even Cocktails! My top favorites from here were the Bee Grateful, Bee Vibrant, Bee Royal, and Bee Excellent. Our third stop in the hotel was an unusual stop because it doesn’t have a name. It’s on the third floor, and it’s down a small hallway that you have to know how to find. Down the hallway is the NY Style Pizza place, where even the white pizza made this New Yorker very happy!

During the tour, we got to tour other hotels, which was nice because it’s almost impossible to hit them all and still have time for yourself while here. We walked through the Bellagio and the Flamingo Hotel where we saw stunning floral displays, artwork, and live animals. This was a fun way to digest the food in between the stops because this tour has a lot (but close walking, so very do-able)! Our second stop was Dirt Dog where we totally dove into The House Dog! This dog is wrapped in bacon and topped with bacon thousand island and green chili spread; it’s the best. The next day I actually went back to try the other infamous Elote Dog, which is another one you have to try.

For our last few stops, we headed to Off The Strip Restaurant, where we tasted one of the more popular appetizers: Rolled NY Strip with Asparagus. It’s NY Strip stuffed with Provolone cheese, basil, and sun-dried tomatoes, wrapped with asparagus spears and smothered in Marsala mushroom sauce. This was a fun way to eat something savory on the strip and it’s a great restaurant if you’re seeking some upscale bar food.

The last two stops were dessert, where we enjoyed an Affogato at Amorino Gelato Al Naturale, which is also famous for their gelato flowers. It was delicious, and would have been my favorite if we hadn’t stopped at Honolulu Cookie Company! Here you will find the best shortbread cookies in a variety of flavors. I absolutely recommend picking some up because they’re addicting.

Overall I was very impressed with the number of stops as well as the food selection on the tour. Taste Buzz is a great time and an even better way to hit some hot spots in Las Vegas you may not get to go to if you have never been. I think this is a perfect afternoon or evening activity and is great for those who want to see a lot in three hours. It’s honestly such an enjoyable experience and I highly recommend booking a tour with Tastebuzz Food Tours!