image2-1Who doesn’t love Limoncello? This delicious lemon liqueur form Italy is perfect for spring and summer sipping! Limoncello is becoming increasingly popular and is a fun compliment to cocktails and desserts.

I recently tried Villa Massa Limoncello, which was the perfect dessert addition to my Lemon Strawberry Stacker with Villa Massa Limoncello Glaze. To make this treat extra sweet, I slathered on a few teaspoons of Endangered Species Almond Cocoa Spread, which is creamy, nutty, and dangerously addicting.

This Mother’s Day surprise mom with a bottle of Villa Massa Limoncello, some Endangered Species Chocolate Bars (Sea Salt Caramel is my favorite), and then spend some time in the kitchen with her so you can make this delicious dessert!


Lemon Strawberry Stacker with Villa Massa Limoncello Glaze

*This recipe is delicious and super simple. I used the Lemon Cake (from Bouley here in NYC), which slices beautifully and is very mild, but you can use any loaf shaped lemon cake, pound cake, or angel food cake. 


3 Slices of Lemon Cake (a milder lemon flavor is best)

5 Strawberries (sliced and de-stemmed)

2Tbsp Endangered Species Almond Cocoa Spread


Limoncello Glaze

1oz Villa Massa Limoncello

~1TBSP Powdered Sugar


  1. Slice the lemon cake into three equal slices using a serrated knife
  2. Slice the strawberries in thin slices
  3. In a small bowl, whisk the limoncello with 1tsp of powdered sugar (to start). Whisk and taste. If too runny and not to desired thickness, go up another tsp, and try again. I generally use 1TBSP, but I prefer this method because you can always add sugar, you can’t take it away!
  4. Assemble: Take a slice of lemon cake and carefully spread some Endangered Species spread on it. Layer on some strawberries, and then another slice of cake. Repeat this process one more time, and top the top lemon layer with some of the Limoncello glaze. *I like to drizzle in between the layers as I build it, on so it gets inside too! 

You can also enjoy this dessert with a Limoncello Cocktail:

Villa Massa Sanguinella– courtesy of Villa Massa.


1 oz. Villa Massa Limoncello

1 oz. Campari

2 oz. Orange Juice

1 oz. Lemon Juice

.75 oz. Simple Syrup

Method: Pour the ingredients into a shaker with ice and mix. Pour mixture into a low glass with ice, and garnish with an orange slice.


Happy Mother’s Day!  Please pair responsibly.