Tequila is a staple when it comes to celebrating Cinco de Mayo! Celebrate this historic day with a lot of margaritas, tacos, and some Good ole’ Guacamole!

170595917-1Here are some great tequila’s to make your #Cincodemayo sparkle!

Casa Noble: Between the Unaged Silver Tequila, the Anejo, the Reposado, and the Single Barrel, its no surprise Casa Noble is number one on this list. These smooth sipping and mixing tequilas taste great with a little lime or in a margarita!

Patron: Yes Patron certainly comes in second on this list. Patron is a staple in many tequila lover cocktails and makes for one heck of a margarita! Try the Anejo, Gold, or Cafe for some fun #cindodemayo sips!

Don Julio: Blanco, Represado, and Anejo… do we need to say any more about this lovely tequila? Smooth and sensational is what Don Julio fans say and thats because it is. Just add a little lime and some salt and you have yourself one great evening!

Sauza: This smooth blue agave tequila is 100% agave and absolutely delicious on ice or mixed into a margarita. Sip this with some pulled pork tacos and you are in for a real treat!

Jose Cuervo: Jose is a staple when it comes to already made Margarita’s, Gold, Silver, and even now Cinnamon. Make some fun margaritas with these flavors and have yourself a very happy basil'rita#cincodemayo!

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Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone! Please Pair Responsibly… ooh and Drink Responsibly too!