IMG_0037Casa Noble Tequila happens to be one of my favorite tequila’s on the market (no they did not pay me to say that). Whether its the Reposado, Anejo, or Crystal, each of them pair seamlessly with food, cigars, warm summer nights!

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Jose “Pepe” Hermosillo, the Founder of Casa Noble Tequila. Mixing up some incredible cocktails using this smooth spirit was Mixologist Jason Littrell who won my heart with his Watermelon Margarita.

IMG_0027To begin the tasting/coursed dinner at the lovely Hendrick’s Tavern in Roslyn, NY, Jose “Pepe” prepped our palates with a Casa Noble flight. This was great to get the founder’s perspective on the aromas and flavors in this spirit.

The menu by Corporate Executive Chef Tomo Kobayashi was creative, inspired, and so delicious! Both the cocktails and the tequila tasted neat with the dishes were incredible pairings. The menu consisted of four courses:


Crystal Cured: Pickled Fennel | Watermelon Radishes | Wasabi-Avocado Crema

Lime-Jalapeno Salt | Pure Orange Oil


Cucumbers | Chayote | Pea shoots | Goji-Berries | Sweet and Spicy Dashi

Aji-Amarillo Salsa


Roasted Corn and Piquillo peppers | Popcorn Shoots | Cilantro

Tomatillo Emulsion


Shortcake-Terrine: Hibiscus Flowers | Spicy-Candied Pistachio | Vanilla Gelato

Minted “ Margarita “ Champagne

The Scottish Salmon Crudo paired beautifully with a Crystal Cocktail. Casa Noble Crystal with Red Pepper Puree, Cinnamon Syrup, Lime Juice, Peychaud’s IMG_0030Bitters, and Mint. This cocktail was slightly spicy, but complimented the fresh salmon very well. The nicely chilled crudo combined with the orange oil seemed to smooth out any sharpness in the cocktail and really worked very well. .

With the Ensalada Verde, a cocktail made with the Reposado was in order. Casa Noble Reposado with Pineapple Juice, Campari, Agave Nectar, Lime Juice, and Beer. The freshness of the salad and made the pineapple in this cocktail really pop!

Third time’s the charm right? In this case, yes because the third course by Chef Tomo was my favorite of the night, especially with it’s cocktail counterpart. This “Surf and Turf” style course was perfectly paired with an Old Fashioned style cocktail, using Casa Noble Anejo Tequila, Mint Syrup, Whiskey Barrel aged Bitters, Agave Nectar and a Mezcal rinse.

IMG_0041Chef Tomo and mixologist Jason also ended the dinner in a wild way. Chef’s Spicy Candied Pistachio and Vanilla Gelato were ideal with Jason’s Miso Soup and Rose Water Cocktail. Yes… you did read that right: miso soup, heavy cream, egg white, lemon juice, lime juice, and rose water; incredible but interesting right? Well it was and it totally worked!

For those of you seeking to get out of NYC for a weekend, take a trip up to beautiful Roslyn, NY. It reminded me of my summer as a Pastry Chef in Cape Cod, MA with the beautiful homes, lush scenery, and of course great restaurants. Be sure to stop by Hendrick’s Tavern for a delicious dinner and a Casa Noble cocktail!