While visiting wine country in Spain this year, I had the pleasure of visiting Bodegas Társila, a wonderful family owned winery! I was greeted by the family, who all works in the winery, doing different jobs such as graphic design for the labels, wine making, and viticulture. This winery its beautifully done, keeping some of the equipment including a giant grape press, from way back when, and building around it to create a stunning tasting room and barrel room. On the walls you can enjoy photos of their Grandmother, who was a strong woman with a lot of influence in the winery.

“Társila gives the name to our wines. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, she is the one who inspires us every day to create our wines and give them their unique touch of personality and character. In addition, we have a long family tradition and we devote all our energy, respect and involvement to taking care of every detail.”- Bodegastarsila.com

They produce traditional Spanish wines, utilizing the soils and climate that Tempranillo grows well in, but to keep things modern and exciting, they also grow Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Gewurztraminer. I had their 2018 vintage of this blend, and it was out of this world. Crisp and refreshing with notes of lemon, pear, minerality, and some stone fruit. On the palate it’s complex and bright with a ton of personality and freshness. This is a wine I am hoping comes to the USA, as soon as possible!

I really enjoyed every wine from the lineup, while tasting with the family. It’s so interesting to hear the stories from the children about what inspired them to come back and work in the winery, and see their passion. Winery life is such a different way of living and growing up that it’s fascinating to hear about and then be able to taste the creations from the grapes they grow in the vineyards. Here at Társila, they use sustainable and organic farming practices, and even raise cattle on their property. They have a massive property filled with animals as well as vines, which is great for the wildlife as well as makes it a lot of fun to drive around and see all the wonderful nature.

After the white blend, they broke out a rosé made from Petit Verdot, another grape I really enjoy! This wine is very new world in style, but old world in taste, and is very fresh. I really love this wine for fall to be honest, because it will easily pair with root vegetables and can absolutely stand up to a beef stew. They also offer a Petit Verdot, which is bold and luscious and full of plum, blackberry, and currants. On the palate its smooth with a nice spice and lingering seductive finish.

These labels are after their Grandmother, who was a strong woman and this label was designed in honor of her. They also have another label which has the old door on it, the one still used at the winery. It’s a beautiful rustic door from the 12th century, and really makes the bottle look nice and traditional. What I enjoy about this winery is they offer true Old World style wines, as well as New World style, with old world flare and fun labels.

When it comes to Bodegas Társila, there is a wine for everyone! Some of these wines may be available in the USA to purchase, but I absolutely recommend taking some time to visit Valladolid and see the winery for yourself. It’s a beautiful space with amazing people and they will make you feel like a part of the family with the wonderful hospitality.