IMG_0761Master Distiller Tom Nichol Introduces Brand New Expression Tanqueray® Bloomsbury, a Gin that needs to be on your next Sip List! This Limited Edition Gin just hit the market and makes one heck of a martini… among other inventive cocktails.

I was recently at Mace in the Lower East Side where Bloomsbury made it’s debut. This beautiful bottle is striking and would look great on top of any bar (like all the other Tanqueray’s). I happen to have been a huge fan of the Rangpur, however when I tasted Bloomsbury I was in love. It’s smooth, subtle, and the juniper is present but in a delicate and “pretty” way, not as upfront as some of the others.

IMG_0773What’s beautiful about this new expression is that you don’t feel any heaviness and I think that many vodka drinkers would enjoy this gin. Remember how I touched on that Whiskey Drinkers Pisco from Chile? Well, this I would consider to be a great Vodka Drinkers Gin! 

Launched this July, this juniper-forward yet very light Tanqueray Bloomsbury is based on an 1880s-era recipe. The recipe was created by Charles Waugh Tanqueray, the son of the brands Founder, Charles Tanqueray. Why Bloomsbury? Well, At that time, the Tanqueray distillery was located in Bloomsbury in central London, and being that it’s a London Dry Gin, it makes sense.

Put this gin on your Must Sip List… and if you don’t have one, start one! You will love this new and limited edition expression of Tanqueray!

Please Pair Responsibly…

Note: TANQUERAY BLOOMSBURY London Dry Gin. 100% Grain Neutral Spirits. 47.3% Alc/Vol.