August is National Peach Month! I am always inspired by the wonderful array of fresh fruit we have available during the summer months and especially enjoy peaches. Whether I am freezing them and then blending them to make a delicious fresh sorbet, or simply adding them to my sangria, nothing beats the taste of a juicy summer peach.

Thanks to Tetley Tea, here is a great peach inspired cocktail using their new vitamin-infused Super Tea. This tea was named 2017 Product of the Year. It’s more than an iced tea… it’s an iced SUPER tea, complete with 20% RDI of vitamin c to help support the immune system. Even though it’s summer, we still want to keep our immune systems in check so we don’t develop any summer colds or feel under the weather during this season of gorgeous weather. 

To determine this year’s Super Summer Sipper, Tetley created six iced tea recipes featuring its delectable vitamin-infused Super Teas – and fans voted for their favorite recipe on the brand’s Facebook page. According to Tetley Tea, it was a close race, but the Sparkling Peach Iced Super Tea was the people’s choice, gathering 24% of the vote. What better beverage to serve during August, which again, is National Peach Month!

This BIY (brew-it-yourself) iced tea recipe bubbles up ginger, peach and orange to a perfect fizzy punch that is both refreshing and refreshingly easy to make. 


Want a fun DIY Video on how to brew and make this super tea yourself? HERE is a video courtesy of Tetley Tea! Please Pair Responsibly…