Spirits aren’t just for cocktails this spring. For those of you who like to sip and savor some spirits after a long day like I do then you have two new ones to try! Recently Dr. Kirstie MacCallum, Global Brand Ambassador of Bunnahabhain and Deanston Distilleries. One is a Cognac and the other a Single Malt, These

Deanston_18Cognac_bsDEANSTON 18 YEAR-OLD COGNAC is the distillery’s first-ever cognac inspired bottling which will be available only in the United States.  Deanston 18 Year Old Cognac-matured Single Malt Scotch Whisky is a result of, Ian MacMillan, Deanston’s Master Distiller, embarking on one of his most ambitious experiments of the last 30 years.  A small batch production, only 2,640 bottles will be released.

My thoughts: I really enjoyed this one! It was complex, spicy, and one I would want a snifter of paired a nice cigar outside on a warm spring or summer evening. 

bunnahabhain-cec3b2banachBUNNAHABHAIN ISLAY SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY – CEÒBANACH is not only slightly hard to pronounce, but is also a new limited release expression inspired by life in Islay in the 1800s.  Carefully crafted and specially taken care of by Ian MacMillan, Master Distiller. A small batch production, 4,200 bottles are dedicated to the U.S. market.

My thoughts: The word CEÒBANACH means “smoky mist” and thats what this one certainly reminds you of. It’s Peaty, has some salinity, smoke notes, and a smooth bourbon like finish. 

Sip some spirits this spring and summer. Get some friends together, go in on a few bottles, whip up some pairings (coming soon in the pairings section), and taste for yourself… it’s the best way to learn and have fun!