201111040705324eb3c6fc78d7d       Gin is a great spirit to sip in spring and summer. This season Somm In The City will be making gin cocktails using SW4 London Dry Gin, a wonderful gin that gives most gins you will try a serious run for their money!

This floral, juniper, and herbal spirit makes for one heck of a Gin & Tonic, but also can and should be used in almost all your gin cocktails.

Don’t believe that this Gin stands out among the rest?

We took it to the fans and made some Gin & Tonic’s with Muddled Limes. These serious Gin & Tonic lovers claimed they use one particular Gin for their cocktails (brand will not be mentioned) and nothing else. They were a little hesitant, so we did not tell them which cocktail had which gin and just let them drink.

What was the result? They loved the SW4 London Dry Gin over the other popular brand! To their surprise, it was smoother, more herbaceous, and to quote one of the readers in the taste test,

“This gin is exceptional, wow I did not think my mind could be changed”!

Pair a nice Gin & Tonic, or any other gin inspired cocktail with a spring salad, grilled shrimp with lime, or even some spicy tacos.

Be sure to get yourself a bottle or two of SW4 London Dry Gin. Add ingredients like muddled limes, strawberries, and even peaches to create one delicious cocktail!


Sip SW4 with us all season long!