I don’t know about where you live but here in Franklin, TN it’s been chilly! It’s my favorite time of year because the cold is so invigorating and comforting at the same time. It’s a great time to get fresh cold air and enjoy warm beverages but it’s also an ideal time to curl up on the couch, by a fire, with the ones you love and enjoy a comforting glass of red wine. There is a wine for every budget as well, starting with some of my everyday drinking reds all the way to ones that deserve a nice dinner and maybe some even better company! Here are seven red wines you’ll see me sipping this winter!

Conundrum Red Blend- This wine is a nice go-to for me when I want something not so complex, and something that is going to please everyone in the room. This nice red is sourced from premier California wine growing regions and is a really drinkable red blend. Conundrum Red features some of my favorite dark red varietals including Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s kind of complex in ways, however it has just enough fruit and layers to make it appealing too many palates. It has bright fruit flavors, some chocolate and its very smooth. Overall its a wine I love to break out with a cheese board when friends come over! $19.99

I Veroni I Dōmi Chianti Rufina 2021– A gorgeous chianti that’s classic and delicious. Some savory notes on the nose with a darkness and elegance that is just striking. It’s has nice forest floor like qualities with some black cherry, and baking spice. Nice rustic tannins and drinkable now, but I’d also love to see it with 5-ish years on it just to see how it grows. $19.99

I Veroni Quota Chianti Rufina Riserva 2019- I recently was on a tasting with I Veroni, hence why I happened to be sipping both for my warm winter reds suggestions. I couldn’t decide between both, because they’re really so good! This Chianti Rufina has a lot more plum and tobacco with a bit of texture and some coffee. It’s quite complex and is one of those reds for a comfort food meal such as lasagna or wild boar stew. $26

Cakebread Cellars Merlot 2019- Oh Cakebread… how I love thee! Cakebread Cellars won my heart with another vintage, and this time it was their Merlot. I tend to drink a lot more merlot come the fall and winter, and this one will steal the show at this year’s family holiday gathering. It’s so smooth and full of dark berries, subtle sweet baking spice, and jam. The tannins are incredibly silky and this wine just dances on your palate with a “plum-iness” that’s really captivating. I enjoyed this one with a nice flank steak, but you can absolutely enjoy it with just some chocolate or cheese; it’s that easy to drink! $71.99

Frescobaldi Castel Giocondo Brunello di Montalcino 2016– A wonderful wine with a great story! It’s elegant, and from one of the most iconic families in Italy who are connected to all the history of Tuscany. It has nice floral notes, balance, complexity, and lots of ripe red berries. It’s warming and ideal for this cooler weather and can easily be enjoyed by a fire or even to pair with some slow cooked short ribs! $73.99

Argiolas Turriga 30 Vendemmie 2018 One of the best red wines in Sardinia, celebrating it’s 30th birthday! It’s really a wine you will want to buy and sip or collect for a bit because it’s something truly special. It’s an incredible blend of Cannonau, Carignano, Bovale Sardo and Malvasia Nera, which all give this wine roundness, structure, balance, and full body. You will find amazing spice and fruit in this wine with lots of flavors like plums, tobacco, and warm vanilla. I would want two if I were you… because I would love to see what this will do another few years in the bottle; I bet it would be even better! $86

Trapiche Oak Cask Cabernet- This label whenever I pull it out, friends come running! I think its because they know with Trapiche they get smoothness, bold flavors, nice spice and red fruit, and overall there’s a seduction to their wines! This wine is clean and full of dark berries, some chocolate, nice oak, and a finish that is so great. It’s toasty and is a great wine to pair with something from the slow cooker, it’s warm and a good wine with warm foods. $10.49

With the holiday season approaching I am sure you will find plenty of time to enjoy these wines. Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love. Please pair responsibly!