During my recent spring trip to Tuscany, Italy I had the opportunity to taste truffle in every which way possible! We stopped by Savini Tartufi, a truffle company who does everything from sourcing them to preparing food and accompaniments with truffle. Here you will find an exclusive truffle experience complete with amazing food and wine.

” The harvest mainly concerns White truffle (Tuber magnatum Pico), the most refined, and in second place other species available all around the region, like March truffle (Tuber borchii Vitt), Summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt), Tuber uncinatumPrized truffle (Tuber melanosporum Vitt) and Winter truffle (Tuber brumale Vitt). The importance of truffle is also given by the remarkablr number of trufflehunters, about 3500.” -SaviniTartufi.it

If you want the ultimate truffle experience, you come here! They have a 4-hour tour where you can take the dogs out and go truffle hunting, followed by an intimate dinner with courses and courses of truffle inspired cuisine. If you’re more inspired by cooking and want to experience cooking with truffles, try the 5-hour experience where you will learn to cook with both fresh and preserved truffles.

During my time here, we had a sneak peek into the world of truffle experiences, where we enjoyed a 4-course truffle dinner paired with Zonin Wines. First up were some snacks including preserved peaches with truffle and cheeses topped with truffle honey, paired with Oltrenero Brut. This sparkling wine paired beautifully with the strong but delicious truffle flavors in the snacks. This wine is easily drinkable, so much so that you could easily finish the bottle!

For dinner, we broke out some delicious wines including the 2016 Grignolino d’ Asti from Castello del Poggio, 2015 Poggio Pelato- Pinot Nero, and the 2014 Masrej Barbera d’ Asti DOCG. Paired with these wines was an incredible Beef Carpaccio topped with tons of fresh shaved white truffles, a truffle aioli, and black pepper. This dish was absolutely incredible and texturally pleasing! After was the Truffle Risotto which was out of this world and so delicious, as one would expect from Italy! The truffle was not too overpowering in anything I tasted, which is nice because this truffle experience is an enjoyable one. After the risotto came to a cool dish, which was a Poached Egg in Truffle Cream. This paired nicely with the Barbera d’ Asti due to the wines acidity and the creaminess of the dish. Finally, after a lot of truffles, we enjoyed a truffle dessert. The Truffle Tiramisu actually won my heart (next to the beef carpaccio) which I was not expecting. This dessert was creamy and delectable and is something I wish I could order weekly!

For those of you visiting the Tuscany region of Italy, and want to experience something as outstanding as Savini Tartufi, I absolutely recommend you make it a point to stop here. Whether it’s simply to snack and buy the best truffle products or go on a truffle hunt, you will not be disappointed.