IMG_7638Ever thought about pairing Patrón Tequila with courses and courses of dinner? Well, Clement Restaurant and Bar did, and Chef created an outstanding menu to pair with each tequila tasted. Roca Patrón makes a small batch of artisanal tequilas that when tasted properly, will open your palate to something very special.

Josh Mazza, Roca Patrón’s expert mixologist led us through the Silver, Reposado, and Añejo. These should not get confused with the normal market tequilas of Patrón Silver, Reposado, and Añejo however, because the Roca Patrón ones are much different.

The Silver is sweeter, with notes of black pepper and lime. This one certainly has a more complex finish and paired beautifully with the zesty and tangy Ceviche with Lime, Cilantro, and Cous Cous Pearls. Paired together, the green notes were extremely bright, complimenting the fish and awakening the salinity in the tequila, that would have been masked with a cocktail pairing.

IMG_7640Up next, the Reposado with Beef Tacos, House Made Guacamole, Chives, and Cheese. This pairing was very good as well, however I saved some Ceviche for the Reposado, where I was able to do some cool comparisons. The Reposado has hints of Ginger, Caramel, Oak, and Vanilla.

1. The Tacos seamlessly paired with the complexity and smoothness in the tequila, while the soft, creamy cheese mellowed out the oak and ginger notes.

2. The ceviche with the Reposado brought out more of the ginger and oak, giving the pairing a spicy sensation while also bringing out the true beauty of the ceviche and the freshness of the fish. 



The Añejo with the ceviche was also a nice paring, however the meaty and delicious tacos were what I enjoyed with this spicy and oaky tequila.






Desserts tend to be a hit or miss when it comes to pairings, so I was happy to see Chef went for it. Vanilla Spongecake topped with fresh Whipped Cream and Strawberries seamlessly paired with all the tequilas, while the house made Churros brought out the Reposado’s vanilla. The textural difference was exciting to taste, and these desserts were a sweet way to end the evening.

This year, dare to pair differently! 

Patrón Añejo