_MG_3059Remember the old punch bowl? At every school dance this was the one thing the teachers used to watch due to “possible spiking” from some class jokester. Well luckily for us 21 and over cocktail lovers, a bar in NYC is bringing back the punch bowl! The Anchor, a SOHO bar in NYC that has seen many celebs, may have a better way to buy your booze for a group outing. Picture a girls night or a “couple of couples” out on the town. Sure, you can each order a cocktail, or theres always the overpriced bottle service option, but what if you wanted something a little different? Something good for a group? Here, everyone is VIP and when this hot spot is not providing special events, tastings, and private parties, they are open to the public!

They have an ever changing boozy bowl selection and currently are offering:

Spring St. Punch: vodka based _MG_3125

Anchor Power Punch: overproof rum punch

Sea Shanty Punch: champagne based

Prices range anywhere from $35.00-$75.00 per bowl and serve 4-6people and up to 10 people depending on your choice. You really can’t beat this deal!