Lately I have playing around with Sunny’s Korean Gourmet products and have found many uses for the delicious Teriyaki Sauce. I was craving a dish that was both sweet and salty, so I went to the store and bought organic chicken thighs and pineapple. Using Sunny’s Korean Teriyaki sauce, I marinated the thighs for a bit with some garlic, cayenne, and pineapple chunks.

What I enjoy most about Sunny’s sauce is that it’s not like other teriyaki sauces I have had in the past. It tastes great, it’s light, and packed with a ton of flavor. I decided to slow cook this recipe because NYC is a fast paced environment, and sometimes, I like to go to work all day and come home to a delicious smelling apartment and an even better already made meal!

Slow Cooker Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken Thighs: by Sara Lehman

4-6 Organic Chicken Thighs

1 Can Pineapple Chunks

1C Sunny’s Korean Teriyaki Sauce (1/2 cup set aside for slow cooker)

2 Cloves of Garlic (chopped)

TT Cayenne Powder

TT Salt and Pepper


  1. Chop garlic and place in marinating bowl. Pour 1/2c of Sunny’s sauce into the marinating bowl, and place chicken thighs in after. Season with cayenne, salt, and pepper, and toss all together.
  2. Add in 1/4 of the pineapple chunks to the marinating meat along with some of the pineapple juice.
  3. Marinate 1 hour in the fridge.
  4. Place slow cooker on low, and put marinated meat into the cooker. Be sure to include the sauce, garlic, and pineapple you marinated the meat with too.
  5. Take the other 1/2c of teriyaki sauce, and pour into slow cooker. Cook on low for 4-6 hours until the meat is tender and falls off the bone.
  6. Top with pineapple chunks and serve with white rice or steamed veggies.

* If you want to make your sauce thicker, take some of the juice from the slow cooker, and reduce in a sauce pot until thicker.

*Pair this dish with a crisp sauvignon blanc or albariño!

Have you tried Sunny’s Gourmet Products? If not, the teriyaki is a must and you can easily find it on the site as well as on Amazon. Always remember, eat what you like and drink what you love… please pair responsibly!