IMG_7981PIEHOLE, a Canadian Whiskey makes some very fun holiday flavors. Using Pecan Pie Liqueur, Cherry Pie Liqueur, and Apple Pie Liqueur, you can have yourself a delicious “pie like” cocktail any time of year.

This season, I tried the PIEHOLE Apple Pie Whiskey. It’s just like apple pie and is sweet, festive, and very fun to experiment with.

Here is a fun holiday inspired cocktail using the Apple Pie Whiskey, fresh Apple Cider, fresh Cranberry Sauce, and some Walnuts. This cocktail is sweet, chewy, and great for after dinner or on a cold winter night.



Happy Holiday Flavors Cocktail: by Sara Lehman

IMG_7984* The walnuts may fall into the glass, even when rimmed with maple syrup, however this creates a fun and chewy like sensation to the cocktail. 

1.5oz Apple Pie Whiskey

4oz Apple Cider

2oz Cranberry Sauce Syrup Mixture

1tsp Granulated Sugar

2tsp Brown Sugar

3tsp Water

6-8 Chopped Walnuts


1. Make the Cranberry Sauce Syrup by adding the water, sugars, and cranberry sauce can (about 1oz) to a sauce pot. Bring to boil, and let cook until syrup consistency forms.

2. Let the mixture cool.

3. Chop the walnuts very fine and rim the cocktail glass with some Maple Syrup or some of the Whiskey (something sticky) because the walnuts even finely chopped can be heavy.

4. Shake the whiskey with apple cider in a shaker with ice.

5. Pour in the whiskey apple cider mixture into the rimmed cocktail glass. Then pour the syrup straight to the bottom, this will create the layered effect due to the weight of the syrup.

5. Enjoy!