With the big game approaching its time to think about those beverages we will be washing down our wings, chips, and dip with right? Since Tequila has a pretty good reputation when it comes to maintaining your “figure” (so they say, I choose to accept these beliefs) its no surprise that tequila will be my drink of choice this super bowl Sunday.

For those of you who follow on Facebook and Twitter, you know I will be watching the super bowl from the comfort of the beach in Aruba this year! Sorry if this offends anyone, and I invite you to join me next year in Oranjestad.


Partida Tequila and I partnered for some fun cocktails, while supplying me with the perfect amount of travel bottles for a fun filled “figure flattering” cocktail night. I’m not a doctor, so consult them before you choose to add tequila or any other alcohol to your beverage plan, however using fresh fruits and ingredients in your cocktails, and not over indulging does help.

Since Partida is a quality driven craft tequila, it does help aid in your overall “cocktail health”. How do I know? Well, when I have a night out I have been swapping out my cosmos for tequila, club soda, and cranberry juice, or muddled limes and club soda with tequila.  Either way my waist is worthy of the selected swimsuits I am taking on this trip to Aruba (without changing my diet or drinking at all), and I am one happy Somm!

jacques-bezuidenhout-behind-the-bar-pf1For those of you who wish to enjoy a cold beer with your super bowl, Partida Tequila’s award-winning bartender ambassador Jacques Bezuidenhout has come up with some really special pairings for beer and Tequila! Jacques combines Partida Blanco with Bohemia Cerveza. This pairing he finds to be a crisp, cold Czech style lager that works with the clean agave and clarity of the Tequila.

He also enjoys Partida Reposado with Saison Dupont for the refreshing sour notes because it works well with the spices in this Reposado. Lastly, he will always enjoy Partida Anejo with Anchor Brewery Brekle’s Brown because the notes of roasted malt, citrus and hops compliment the Anejo.

I was happy to receive these fun beer and tequila pairings from Jacques, as I myself enjoy cocktails, but while in Aruba may pick up some local beer and try out some pairings for myself. If you decide on a pairing, I’d love to hear about it by having you comment below.

Please pair responsibly!