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Orlando International Airport (OIA) has a reputation as one of the best airports in the US (if not the world). Still, with thousands of visitors every day, it can be challenging to navigate. The airport has expanded in size over the years and now offers a vast number of airlines, as well as plenty of amenities and entertainment for every type of traveler. Whether you are arriving or departing, and whether your trip is for business or pleasure, this quick guide will help you to make the most of your visit.

Note: Orlando International Airport is coded as MCO when you are booking your flights.

There are two terminals

One of the first things you need to determine is which terminal you are leaving from or arriving at: A or B. Terminal A is located on the north side while Terminal B is south. The terminal you need will be determined by the airline you are flying with and should be made clear to you on your booking information.

Research parking at the airport

If you are planning on parking your car at the airport, it is essential to do some research into your options. There are several parking lots available, but only some provide a shuttle service to the terminals, i.e., the blue and red lots on the outer perimeters. You may want to park in the lot, which is nearest to your terminal (blue for the north, red for the south). There are also parking garages close to the terminal, which are more costly and valet parking. Visit to compare your parking options.

Photo by Riccardo Bresciani from Pexels

How to spend your free time

The common areas (before you go through security) in Orlando Airport offer plenty to see and do while you are waiting for your flight or for someone to arrive. In fact, it is worth allowing extra time in your schedule for browsing the fantastic shops, the games arcade, the aquarium, sculptures, and restaurants.

Ride the tram

When you have gone through security, there is a tram that will take you to the gate you need. This not only gives tired feet a rest but can be a fun experience for children and adults as it passes tropical ponds and landscaped gardens.

Grab a bite to eat

There are plenty of cafés, fast food outlets and restaurants in the common area but if you want to get security out of the way so you can relax, there are plenty of eateries and shops on the other side. Options include Harley Davidson, Universal, SeaLife, Outback Steakhouse, Ruby Tuesday, Gem Collection, On the Border Mexican Grill Cantina, Macaroni Grill, Ron Jon’s Surf Shop, Crocs, Sunglass Hut, Gem Collection and many more.

Airport roads

Remember to obey the speed limit while you are driving within the airport’s boundaries as there are often active speed monitors that can issue significant fines. It is usually best to follow airport signage when finding your way in or out of the airport, but a GPS navigation system will help you to take the right exit for your accommodation in Orlando.

Leave plenty of time

Orland is one of the busiest airports in the US with plenty to see and do, so try to leave yourself as much time as possible to avoid rushing, getting lost, and missing out on all it has to offer.