CM1Save Snow Leopards and drink vodka thats so smooth you will fall in love. Snow Leopard Vodka is now in the US and in NYC and is not only a smooth, very subtle vodka thats great on it’s own or in cocktails, but proceeds go to the preservation of snow leopards. This is no gimmick however, as I spoke with the brand’s Brand Manager, Charles Whitfield over some SLV cocktails.

IMG_0531“Snow Leopard, Great vodka for Good”. With only 5,000 snow leopards estimated to be remaining in the wild it is our mission to help save this critically endangered species from extinction and to help improve the livelihoods of the poor herder families who share their home range. 15% of all profits, and monies raised by the companies fundraising activities, are given directly to snow leopard conservation projects through the Snow Leopard Trust, which their goal is to give $1Million too.”

IMG_0528The Central Park Zoo has snow leopards currently and they are gorgeous. This beauty posed for my camera, and instantly made my day… I mean, how could you not want to drink and save these cats? Leopards are my spirit animal, they always have been and always will be, so knowing that I can have a great cocktail and aide in the survival of snow leopards is an opportunity I will not miss out on. This vodka is fresh and floral with an anise inspired aroma. Rich body and creamy mouthfeel with notes like vanilla, nut and peppery spice flavors. 

Be sure to check and see where you can find Snow Leopard Vodka near you! Also see what’s “roaring” on social media with these hashtags: #GreatVodkaForGood @SnowLeopardVodka. 

Drink what you love and do some good!