Mochidoki is my new addiction! Anytime I go out for sushi, the evening always ends with a plate of red bean or green tea mochi, so when I discovered Mochidoki, I knew I had to try it! These adorable mochi’s come in a variety of collections and flavors that will wow you. I am in love with the Classic Collection, which consists of Red Bean, Black Sesame, Ginger, and Green Tea.

For the holidays however, Mochidoki has some deliciously fun flavors including: Salted Caramel, Vanilla Chocolate Chip, and my new favorite… Cinnamon Eggnog! I usually am not the biggest eggnog fan (I know, shame on me), however in mochi form, I am a fan.

Some fun flavors include: 

Spicy Chocolate Collection Box Set: Pair with a Classic Manhattan Cocktail

Taste of Thailand: Pair with a Blackberry Basil Mojito

Tropical Collection Box Set: Pair with a Piña Colada

The Classics: Pair with cold Junmai Sake

Americana Collection Box Set: Pair with an Old Fashioned Cocktail

Cinnamon Eggnog Collection Box Set: Pair with a Chocolate Martini


Want to give Mochidoki a try? It’s a great gift for the holiday season… and they ship! Please pair responsibly.